I’ll Be There (For Monica)

Dear Maria – Sometimes everything falls into place. We just have to step aside, and let it happen. My last stop was fruitful. I got a new crew member, Celeste Parata. She’s a good one I feel. I also got some good A/V material. The data stalls there were packed! You are not going to believe what I found!!! I found this bit of writing AND A/V production from Jabali, the singer/saxophonist for Special Vices! It’s so unreal. I can’t wait to show Gibby, and the rest of SV2380…when we find them, which we will. Anyway, it’s a visual collage of Jabali and his wife Monica on a trip of some sort, set to music. Earth sure was beautiful. The song is not exactly a Special Vices song, but I like it. It makes me think of you. I miss you dearly.

Con Amor,



Big thanks to Jodi, Shawn and what they are creating at Rockland Residency, the 2018 Woods Residents – especially Tessa, and Hutch. And thank you Marshall Nall, and Dana Marshall. Because of y’all I found her song.


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