Gibby, Log 1 – Star Date March 26, 2380 – The Portal, The Power, The Pleasure

To the Lord of All Paths, illustrious warrior, immortal prince, I offer this humble prayer. Keep away from my abode all matters of evil and guard my home and those who reside in it when I’m awake or asleep, present or not. I ask Olofi God to bless you, Ellegua, beloved Lord of all roads. Ashe.

All blessings to Ellegua for his wisdom, and guidance. He opened the doors to the mystery, and I gladly walked in. I am in his hands. His will is mine. To be his child, is an honor. I take to the page to unfold the riddle. Ellegua spoke, and we listened. Because of that I believe the beginnings of the portal have been established. Last night we played a festival, and I felt it. Ellegua told me we needed to come here because it connected to our mission, and I’m beginning to see why. Our pick up on Sirona is no simple matter. Ellegua says there are deep spirit forces at play there, and a great conflict with G.D., and The Corps will happen. That’s not small. Ellegua also said we may not all come out of it alive if we do not pay heed to the lessons from the portal. This is grave news, which is why I told Auntie Jabali we had to come here.

This tiny planet is full of whispering forests the inhabitants say. I understand now that this land is actually a spiritual realm of the highest order. Ellegua himself was mightily drawn. Upon our arrival I felt him slip away as he will. Often I have wanted to fold into the spirit realm with him where he communes with other Orishas, and spirits. I know I am not yet ready. Last night I understood this more clearly. As we played last night, it felt the convergence. At some point Shawna, Brash, and Negronimus created a musical scape that brought such a fullness in me I could cease. I closed my eyes during Re$tolen, and it happened. In that moment Ellegua struck. He pulled me through the spirit world into the beyond, and I found myself on stage with the real Special Vices. I was actually there, in the body of Jabali.

I swear it was real. Not a hallucination. My spirit was in Jabali, and I was on stage with the original band. The sound of the band band was so fierce. I immediately recognized the song, but because I was so shocked at the transformation I just stood there and absorbed the feeling. The words I, or Jabali, should have been singing, “Sucking on the ill born gains of your constant tricks, and confiscation/rape and pillage ain’t got shit on you” – did not come out.  Nothing did. I stood there tripping out instead, and then I was gone. I was back in  current time, and the band was at full throttle, and the feel was the same. We were doing it. I picked up the verse, putting my throat around every note.  By the time Shawna finished her solo, I knew I was a goner. When we hit the third verse,  I heard Ellegua laugh, and once again found myself in 2017. And I still couldn’t catch the words in time. Once again I stood there, and absorbed the sonic fury of Special Vices. Casey’s bass drum had piles of concrete and chain anchoring it to the floor because he was kicking so hard. Negronimus would have  lost his mind to witness it in real life. And then once again, it was gone.

It didn’t happen again for the rest of the set. But I know there is more to come. The band all agreed that something was up last night. I don’t know what it all means, yet, and I don’t understand how this connects to the mission, but it must. Ellegua plays tricks for a reason. This particular one was delicious, and I want more. The portal, the power, the pleasure. The plan? We’ll figure it out like we always do. SV for life.


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