Captain’s Log – Stardate July 19, 2380

The attack came swift and unexpectedly with The Corp’s ships coming out of cloaked space completely undetected. The Snail took immediate damage, and was rendered immobile, and defenseless in a short time. Luckily most everyone was able to get off of the ship in escape pods, although not without some injuries. I stayed on board against the protest of 3etch and others, praying they were able to find care on the surface of Sirona. I also pray the survivors can find each other as well. Because of the swiftness of the attack there was no time to coordinate flight plans.  No telling what coordinates each pod ended up using.

The Rocket Snail being the tank that it was held on to its integrity, and I sent what I thought would be my final captain’s log, including in it an embedded transmission. The log itself was a Special Vices song, Oarth’s Erbit; and the complete text of The Collector, by JOSM.  I want the world to know The Collector, and so much more. Oarth’s Erbit was a signal to my wife Maria. There are those in space who will know what to do with the transmission. Maria always suspected such a message would eventually arrive. I also knew that this day would come, and always dreaded it. Maria dreaded it more.

Once I knew everyone was safely away, I set about doing what needed to be done to ensure that the ship would not cause too much damage on the surface. I knew it was impossible to guarantee 100% success, but I had to do the best I could. Given that the attacking ships had not tried to make contact, I knew they weren’t interested in talking. Some of the attackers appeared to have either gone after the escape pods, or headed to the surface for some other reason. The battleship, however, loomed large. I didn’t know if it preparing to blow the rest of the Snail out of existence, or what, and I didn’t really care. I just needed to make sure life below was not caused any more undue harm. I ran to engineering to activate the overload function, which I had faith was still in operation. If it wasn’t I didn’t know what else to do.

On my way there a sudden stillness descended. It was as if time had come to a standstill. I had no clue what was going on, and thought it was some fancy tech coming from the battleship. But in it all I felt a sense of peace. Then came the voice…

“It is not time for you to die just yet, Gia. You must come with me, Ellegua.” And before I knew it I was no longer on the Snail.


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