Captain’s Log – Stardate Jan. 2, 2380 – Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

Captain’s Log – Stardate January 2, 2380

I realize that I have not been exactly forthcoming in my logs to date. I jumped in with the first thoughts, and grabs I could pin down. This last jump was harder than I thought it would be, and my thoughts got a little scrambled. So in order to fill in the gaps of what has been presented, and this, allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is Captain Gianna “Auntie Jabali” Best. My nickname was given to me by Ellegua, our resident deity. He discovered that I am related to another human named Jabali, who was around towards the end of the 20th, and beginning of the 21st centuries. Back then he was the lead singer and saxophonist of a band called Special Vices. This is notable because four members of my crew are in a band they call Special Vices 2380. They are a retro cover band that does all Special Vices songs. They even play all the original instrumentation. More on all of that later, but you should know that I love them, and am stoked that they decided to join my crew. Ellegua, who works closely with SV2380 lead singer Gibraltar pointed them in my direction. The distant family relation was a bonus.

I am the owner, and pilot of The Rocket Snail, a refurbished 240IS Voel with a few upgrades. I have a twelve person crew, including SV2380. We are in the shipping, and ferrying business, but like SV2380 I have a side project. I am a collector. I collect stories and songs – old ones. Not the rehashed auto-garble that floods space these days. Yuck. I like my media the way I like my ship – older, solid, and able to stand the test of time. For obvious reasons I’m really interested in finding the work of the original Special Vices. The stuff of theirs that I find will be housed throughout this site. Lyrics are here, and vintage photos are here. But, I am also interested in the literary work of JOSM, from the same time period. That audio file I posted earlier in my haze is one such example. I know there is more out there. When I find it I will share what I can here. Other things I will have to sell. This business isn’t easy. Also from that time period are another set of gems from someone I’ve dubbed “The Visualist Moon.” His work is incredible, and way ahead of its time. I will post some of his work here, but again – other things I’ll have to sell.  Matter of fact you should just check out the shop from time to time. The stock will rotate from time to time.

All right. I’ll leave at that for now. I have business to attend to.

Captain, out.

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