Captain’s Log – Stardate Jan. 30, 2380 – The Collector, Pt. 2

Captain’s Log – Star Date January 30, 2380 – The Collector, Pt 2
I always read back the scope of my previous entry to see where I’ve been. Keeps the thread continuous in my brain at least. Reading over those last words I could not help but be reminded of how much this story relates to now. We go from port to port endlessly moving goods for profit – financial profit, story profit, and soul profit. I love it, and could not think of a better way to spend my life. I do miss my children, Zayne, John, and Amaya; and wife, Maria. I do. I love them more than they will ever know. In part, it is for them that I do this. Another part of me, however, loves the feeling of a finely tuned spaceship, and the expanse of space. It’s awesome. Maybe some of the kids will join me someday. I would love that. Maria, on the other hand wants nothing to do with it. She is a city girl to the core, and the idea of leaving the Azura Base for longer than a month does not exist in her universe. Kinda cracks me up. It is also a blessing because she knows how to create a nest like no other creature. Except maybe a Filon, they can make some crazy comfortable nests.
Anyway, word is Orange Face, leader of the Corp – at least that is what we have been calling him – is in the process of staging a coup. The Corp is going to try and walk away with it all. This has been in the works for some time now. I guess I never thought they would actually get control of the machine so directly. At least the veil of governance would be present. That’s gone now. The path way for the world to manifest officially as a business now is huge. Reminds me of a super vintage flick called The Empire Strikes Back. SV 2380 and the rest are going to have their hands full. We all are.
Well, I should be moving on. I have to get some physical training in before taking a quick nap. We should be getting to Zeta Capuli in 5 Terrestrial Days (TDs). We will have to stop for goods before that. The planet Erebus is about 2 TDs away from here. I know they have some kick ass markets there. That will be our first stop. We will map out an arrival plan in the coming days. For now, here’s another piece of that story, The Collector.
That is all for now

The drama of emergence and decline marking the trajectory of this recent find will no doubt be brought to light in time by natural science specialists. It would be an error, though, to rely exclusively on specialists for all the news about our past. This was brought home to me by the old man from the islands who got me started collecting “lost town” stories in the first place.
On July 4th several years ago I happened to be visiting the famous dam at Shasta with my twelve-year old son. We were standing on the narrow observation deck overlooking the great turbines when an old black man brushed by then stopped and said to me, “You from around here?”
“No. We’re up from Sacramento.”
“Oh. First time visiting here at Shasta?”
“Yes,” I said. “Awesome, isn’t it?”
“Un huh,” he grunted.
With appropriate wonder we gazed over the gigantic spillway with its many valves for controlling the flow of water. The old man guided our attention to the penstocks through which the water rushed to massive turbines that drove equally massive generators. We gazed for a while and then he said, “People who used to live here had better power than all this dam could generate.”
“Really? People used to live here?”
“Native born who get called Indians. This was their land. They lived around here. That mountain,” he said, indicating the austere, snow-capped Mt. Shasta itself with a lift of his chin, “that used to be their holy center.”
“Really?” I had read about Ishi, the lone survivor of a 19th century massacre, and had a vague idea that there were active native tribes around northern California when white settlers first moved in, but I never knew them to be associated with any kind of great power like the Navaho, for instance. They possessed great courage, yes, and unsurpassed wisdom in some instances. But great power? I’d never heard of that.

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