Captain’s Log – Stardate Jan. 12, 2380 – The Crew

Starting to feel a little better. Clearer at least. Been perusing the ship’s logs to refresh myself on this particular run. This one is going to be a little tricky it turns out. We don’t have everything we need to complete it just yet, so it’ll have to be done in stages. I’ll explain more as time permits. The crew is awake, and taking care of business. The group feels good, and tight. They are hungry and ready to go. The ship feels good overall. The crew manifest is as follows:


Gibraltar – SV Vocals
A seemingly irrational looking 31-year-old man with maniacal dark brown eyes, and a dark brown complexion. He is in deep relationship with Ellegua, our ‘resident’ deity. Gibraltar is tall, athletic, and was raised on a frontier colony on Sagittarius VII.


Shawna Epperson – SV Rhythm Guitar
A strong willed 34-year-old woman with dark brown eyes, a flawless caramel complexion, and thick light brown hair braided into a rope that hangs to the small of her back. She is of average height, athletic, and  is from a well established colony on Ustysia.


Brash Vegas – SV Bass
A confident 27-year-old man with green eyes, a rosy complexion, and long curly reddish brown hair. He is tall and athletic, and is originally from the largest moon of Corona.


Negronimus Ciara – SV Drummer
An ebullient, square jawed, and chummy 23-year-old man with blue eyes, and blond hair worn short with a bit of a faux hawk. He is average height and very athletic. He is from Strifuos Spaceport.


Janina Spath 
This guileless 28-year-old woman has dark brown eyes, a rosy complexion, and fine platinum blonde hair cut short. She is tall and fit. She is from a small town on Dymios Prime.

Agatha Izaguine 
This stern 21-year-old woman has hazel eyes, a dark olive complexion, and fine black hair left uncut. She is tall and quite heavy. She is from Ackisia Spaceport. Izaguine previously served aboard the USS Astarte (SSGN-38).


This mystical 35-year-old man has hazel eyes, a dark complexion, and curly light brown hair cut regular. He is a little short and portly. He is from Clekios Colony on Virgo.


Robbie Hondel 
This benevolent and stoic but neglectful 23-year-old man has gray eyes, a dark olive complexion, and straight auburn hair left uncut. He is very short and fairly muscular. He is originally from Seralia Spaceport.

Loren Owens 
This felicific and whimsical but sadistic 21-year-old man has dark brown eyes, a pale complexion, and curly red hair in a military standard cut. He is very short and attractive. He was born in the gas mines of Rynaos I.


Doug Salinas 
This rustic 23-year-old man has blue eyes, a flawless complexion, and thick strawberry blonde hair in a butch cut. He is of average height and portly. He is originally from Ranaios Outpost.

Tori Wildenberg 
This magnanimous 19-year-old woman has brown eyes, a flawless complexion, and thick strawberry blonde hair left uncut. She is short and athletic. She was raised on an orbital relay station near Whiakios VIII.


Millard Cun – Lead
 This anticipative and unambitious but fickle 21-year-old man has gray eyes, a pale complexion, and thick golden-blonde hair in a butch cut. He is a little tall and quite muscular. He was raised in the isolated moon of Tata in Cora.

That is all for now.

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